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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Fashion

About CBD Fashion

In the past, when the benefits of using CBD tincture canada were still unknown, people thought that this substance would cause more harm than good. However, as the number of studies about the positive effects of CBD is rising, more and more people have become more open-minded.
Just like how CBD oil in Canada has become legal, infusing CBD in various products has become the norm little by little. In fact, since it has many wonderful benefits, CBD can now be found in almost every product – from skincare items to candies to edible pet treats to clothes.


10 Beauty and Style Tips Every Woman Should Embrace

Woman Should Embrace

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. As mentioned by, factors such as age might deny you the beauty you deserve. You do not need to compromise beauty for such factors. Some women tend to enhance their beauty using filters. Forget about the filters and focus on the following tips that will help you look beautiful and stylish.

Embrace and Enhance Your Gray and White Hair

You can turn your gray and white hair into glitter by blending cool salon highlights. The best thing about the highlights is that they look natural. What is more, you can apply the …

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Known as the biggest trade fair in the footwear industry in Latin America and Brazil, COUROMODA is set to stage its event from January 11 to 14, 2021.
The event will feature collections of children’s, men’s, and women’s shoes, luggage, leather goods, and fashion accessories. The past events were flocked by visitors from 60 countries and 27 Brazilian states, featured 1,500 brands, and comprised 35 percent of the shoe industry’s annual production.
While the world awaits how the pandemic will change the industries come 2021, the announcement made by COUROMODA sets a strong statement that the footwear …

World Events

ISPO Beijing

Following the success of ISPO Shanghai 2020 came the announcement of the ISPO Beijing 2021 to be held on January 14 to 16  in NCIEC Beijing, China.
ISPO Beijing is a major exhibition in Asia when it comes to multi-segment sports. It’s an event where the key players join hands – its essential business solutions, pioneering innovations, the key know-hows, and all the market players.
The trade fair is known to showcase the top innovations in skiing, action sports, and outdoor sports. The coming year will utilize the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, a 50,000-square meter area to be converted into an …

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The Fashion World of 2021 After an Unusual Year

As 2020 comes to an end, everybody’s holding at the edge of their seats about what to expect in 2021. The fashion industry is one with everybody in, hoping for a better year.
According to the founder of communications agency Reference Studios, Mumi Haiati, 2021 is believed to bring new openness in the fashion world.
He said that they had taken notes of the lessons that the pandemic left. Instead of feeling down, they will use these learnings to improve their efforts in the coming year.
Bernd Hausmann said that he has been skeptical about how the fashion industry will thrive after the pandemic. The founder and CEO…


Travel Goals: Boating in Capri

Have you ever been to Italy’s Bay of Naples, aka the island of Capri? If you have been to the island but never tried boating before, you’ve missed the opportunity to have fun times and great memories. Make sure that you include the adventure on your bucket list for your next visit.
This experience is best for travelers who love the feel of the sun on their faces, wind in their hair, swimming, and gorgeous views.
Bring a friend along who isn’t keen about the idea of cruising an unfamiliar area on a boat. Do not be surprised if that friend would ask to come back for more after experiencing it for the first …


Sorrento Travel Tips

Gorgeous is an understatement in describing Sorrento, known as the town of lemons in Italy. You can take off from here if you want to explore the Amalfi Coast further.
From Sorrento, you can easily hop on and off to the must-see towns by car, bus, or boat. It’s also easier to find more affordable lodgings in the place compared to Capri and Positano.
Where to eat? If you are craving a fancy meal in a scenic spot, head on to the rooftop restaurant of the Grand Hotel La Favorita. Make sure that you don’t miss out on its handmade dish, Eggplant Scialatielli.
If you prefer a more relaxing atmosphere as you enjoy…


What’s Up with Eyebrow Microblading?

Most women like their eyebrows to look kempt all the time. This is one of the reasons why the market is plagued with almost all things you’d ever need to trim, pluck, draw, paint, or what have you to your eyebrows. Sadly, time is your enemy if you have to repeat your eyebrow beauty routine day by day by day.
If you have a similar eyebrow adventure, you may want to find out more about microblading. It’s like eyebrow embroidery wherein a semi-permanent pigment is pushed to the skin’s surface using a fine blade.
The result is an eyebrow with strokes that look like real hair. The brow will appear thicker, fuller…