Vegas To-Do List

It pays to have a list ready of what to do, see, and eat before visiting a place, especially if it’s going to be your first time. Vegas is a fun place, but it can get overwhelming to decide what’s the first thing you’ll do upon your arrival.

Here are some of the Vegas adventures you may want to include in your list:


It’s a food paradise which is home to many world-renowned chefs. You can find almost all kinds of cuisines, snacks, or fastfood before your tummy can even start grumbling.

You may want to try Eggslut to start your day with gooey breakfast sandwiches. At brunch, you can have a feast of omelets, made-to-order pancakes, dim sum, and delectable desserts at The Buffet at Wynn.

The other places worth checking out for their A-lister dishes and mouthwatering snacks include Secret Pizza, Mr. Chow, Sonic, and Shake Shack.

Check out the Neon Museum

The place is heaven for people who are always on the lookout for an interesting background for their photos. You will have a tour guide to ensure that you’ll have a fun-filled and educational trip to the place.

Book a hotel with a pool

After a full-packed day, it would feel rewarding to go back to your hotel and spend some time relaxing or swimming in the pool.

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