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The Fashion World of 2021 After an Unusual Year

As 2020 comes to an end, everybody’s holding at the edge of their seats about what to expect in 2021. The fashion industry is one with everybody in, hoping for a better year.

According to the founder of communications agency Reference Studios, Mumi Haiati, 2021 is believed to bring new openness in the fashion world.

He said that they had taken notes of the lessons that the pandemic left. Instead of feeling down, they will use these learnings to improve their efforts in the coming year.

Bernd Hausmann said that he has been skeptical about how the fashion industry will thrive after the pandemic. The founder and CEO of Glore noted that his company would focus more on the shift towards sustainability and social responsibility in 2021.

Alibaba Group’s head of fashion and luxury for Europe, Christina Fontana, admitted that her company had to quickly learn the transformation to the new normal in supporting their partner brands to shift more on the digital platform.

Despite the global health problem, they have devised a way to turn digitalization into a big and profitable opportunity for the fashion industry.

Anita Tillman said that a lot of catching up needs to be done, especially for companies that still have not fully adapted to the digital realm. The Premium Group managing director added that retailers and brands have a lot of catching up to do to train staff and update their systems.

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