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Fall and Winter Paris Fashion Week for Men

Despite the time’s uncertainties, the fashion world authorities have made the announcements of their lineup for the fall/winter season.

For menswear, Paris and Milan will hold the events in January 19 to 24 for Paris and 15 to 19 for Milan. It will be followed by the Couture week from January 25 to 28. The shows are still expected to go primarily digital, but other plans will depend on the developments to follow.

The Federation, which handles showroom negotiations by providing logistical support to their guest brands and members, is busy enhancing and coordinating the Paris Fashion Week, slated to happen on January 19 to 25 in Paris, France.

To keep up with the times and how other fashion enablers are doing it, the Federation continues to work with the other capitals – New York, London, and Milan – to maintain coherence among international partners and generate development that will serve the brands participating in the events.

The Paris Fashion Week is a semiannual event comprising of a series of designer presentations. The Federation also handles SACEM fees this early and works in offering financial support depending on the company’s profile or participating brands.

The lineup of productions will still depend on the global factors that will affect the industry come 2021. It may be badly hit, but the fashion industry looks forward to a better year to showcase more product lines that people will appreciate and love.

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