If you love anything fashionable and stylish, then welcome aboard Textyles. Once upon a time, this blog focused on the stylish treats mostly found in Toronto’s streets. It featured ordinary people with extra unique tastes when it comes to fashion.

As trends change along with the passing of the seasons, this site found many avenues to feature to suit the interests of its visitors, both recurring and new.

Now, the blog has evolved to showcase anything and everything in the fashion and blogging world. With so many things people are interested in nowadays, this site would love to fill you in so that you wouldn’t miss out on the happenings.

This blog is open to collaborations. You can place your inquiry, invites, shoutouts, or links regarding any media event you’d want to be featured on this site: food, travel, fashion, style, or anything else in between.

The blogging and fashion worlds evolve fast through the days. This blog aims to serve as an avenue to update you about the happenings, what’s in and what’s out, who the people are, and what events you should learn more about to stay up-to-date and in style.