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Woman Should Embrace

10 Beauty and Style Tips Every Woman Should Embrace

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. As mentioned by, factors such as age might deny you the beauty you deserve. You do not need to compromise beauty for such factors. Some women tend to enhance their beauty using filters. Forget about the filters and focus on the following tips that will help you look beautiful and stylish.

Embrace and Enhance Your Gray and White Hair

You can turn your gray and white hair into glitter by blending cool salon highlights. The best thing about the highlights is that they look natural. What is more, you can apply the …


What’s Up with Eyebrow Microblading?

Most women like their eyebrows to look kempt all the time. This is one of the reasons why the market is plagued with almost all things you’d ever need to trim, pluck, draw, paint, or what have you to your eyebrows. Sadly, time is your enemy if you have to repeat your eyebrow beauty routine day by day by day.
If you have a similar eyebrow adventure, you may want to find out more about microblading. It’s like eyebrow embroidery wherein a semi-permanent pigment is pushed to the skin’s surface using a fine blade.
The result is an eyebrow with strokes that look like real hair. The brow will appear thicker, fuller…


A New Beauty Hall Unveiled at Holt Renfrew

If you have seen pictures of the newly renovated Beauty Hall at Holt Renfrew, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it looks more grandiose in person. This is the kind of place where the cliché, “You have to see it to believe it,” suits perfectly.
The Beauty Hall is situated on the concourse level of the Bloor Street flagship. It’s a 12,000 square foot area filled with all things beauty and fashion shoppers would love to get their hands on.
Here are some of the treats that await you on your visit: a CHANEL Beauty Boutique, a fragrance library, two skincare cabins, a master class event space, a well-…


A Peek into Toronto’s First Canadian CHANEL Beauty Boutique

If you are a fan of the brand CHANEL, you might as well head to the concourse level of 50 Bloor Street West. Yes, Canada now has its very first standalone beauty and fragrance CHANEL store.
The 1,280 square foot area looks like a Canadian counterpart of the Paris-based CHANEL au Ritz Spa. It’s complete with a private treatment room, a specialty section for eyewear, a fragrance library, and three makeup stations.
Sounds like heaven? It’s a must-see and must-go-to place for all of you who want to upgrade your beauty collection with nothing less than the famous brand, CHANEL.
The boutique has product lines, …