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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Fashion

In the past, when the benefits of using CBD tincture Canada were still unknown, people thought that this substance would cause more harm than good. However, as the number of studies about the positive effects of CBD is rising, more and more people have become more open-minded.
Just like how CBD oil has become legal in Canada, infusing CBD in various products has become the norm little by little. Since it has many attractive benefits, CBD can now be found in almost every product – from skincare items to candies to edible pet treats to clothes.

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The Fashion World of 2021 After an Unusual Year

As 2020 comes to an end, everybody’s holding at the edge of their seats about what to expect in 2021. The fashion industry is one with everybody in, hoping for a better year.
According to the founder of communications agency Reference Studios, Mumi Haiati, 2021 is believed to bring new openness in the fashion world.
He said that they had taken notes of the lessons that the pandemic left. Instead of feeling down, they will use these learnings to improve their efforts in the coming year.
Bernd Hausmann said that he has been skeptical about how the fashion industry will thrive after the pandemic. The founder and CEO…

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Forecasting the 4 Hit Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

Four key trends will top the spring/summer collection of 2022, according to Fashion Snoops, a global trend forecasting agency. The trends include the following:
This trend is more on polarized and energized color palettes, such as pink-infused, digital neons, futurist, and cool shades. It is inspired by people’s desire to break free from the norms and express themselves in more powerful ways.
The trend will feature an effervescent and soothing color palette, such as calming pastels and vibrant pops. It will also have rich neutrals and a series of warm palettes.
It will have an …

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The Autumn and Winter 2023 Schedule of the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Mark your calendars and block off the dates in February 2023 during which the Copenhagen Fashion Week will take place.
The three-day event will feature 33 brands from the Nordic region. It will follow the innovative formats done in August 2022 to ensure all the guests’ safety in light of the current pandemic condition.
The production people have adopted a viable hybrid format to enable all brands to showcase what they’ve got. The format includes live-streamed productions, physical appearances, and pre-produced films. It remains under observation whether the event will accept audiences or not.
The event will…